Love, loss and redemption, unbound by time


brian m. talgo & brynjulf haugan

The saga

In the Lost Viking Saga, modern-day characters are haunted by thoughts and feelings they cannot understand - echoes of unresolved traumatic events from former lives. Utilizing an ancient Eastern technique, The Wind in the Blood, they are forced to confront the past in order to rediscover their true selves in the present.

Modern times are intricately woven together with the fate of the last Viking settlement on Greenland and subsequent Norse colonization of North America in a mesmerizing and persuasive story. In both the present and the past, strong, complex characters fight for their lives and for those they love.

The dramatic and historically founded narrative is based on one of Europe’s greatest unsolved historical mysteries from the early 15th century when the entire Greenland Norse population suddenly disappeared without a trace. As a fascinating backstory, the saga presents a thought-provoking, yet plausible theory concerning the fate of these lost Norse settlements.


The books

The Lost Viking Saga is comprised of three volumes: The Salt of Ancient Tears, The Way of the Raven, with the final upcoming volume, The Wind in the Blood, completing the trilogy. Each book is a story within itself, with all three narratives intricately woven together by the present-day characters’ search for purpose in their troubled lives. While the first two books follow their own paths, the last volume, The Wind in the Blood, finally brings everything together, revealing a dramatic and unexpected higher scheme of things. Mirroring the symbol it begins with—the Jörmungandr serpent consuming its own tail—The Lost Viking Saga ends where it began, reflecting on timeless love and the never-ending cycle of life…

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The authors

Brynjulf Haugan (l) and Brian M. Talgo (r), aka The Lost Viking Writers,  have known each other since 1995. They previously played in a band together, Dim Vision, and share a common 'Americanness', Brynjulf being from Canada, Brian from the US.


The pairing of the writers began on New Year’s Eve, 2010, when the Talgo's were invited to celebrate with the Haugan's. As the story goes, arriving at the Haugan's, Brian had barely taken off his jacket when Brynjulf hastily pulled him into a walk-in closet, saying, “I need to talk to you.” This was cryptically concerning to Brian, leading him to fear the worst; sickness, death, or something equally dreadful. Although it turned out to be something far less dramatic, the onset of Brynjulf’s 'talk' left Brian wondering how he was going to tell his friend he was not interested in his wild scheme. That scheme being his great idea for a novel and their partnership in the writing of it.  While listening to Brynjulf pitch his idea, Brian was thinking to himself, why is it everybody is convinced they have a great idea for a book? 


However, as it turned out, Brynjulf did have a great idea. As he dove deeper into his nascent plot, Brian found himself being drawn into the lost world of Norse Greenland, with a modern shaman-like doctor dealing in regression therapy, driving a powerful and moving story of love, loss, and redemption. At the end of Brynjulf’s telling, Brian was left stunned. "I'm in", he finally said. At that moment, they both knew that they had to bring this fantastic story to life.


The pair are currently working on the final volume in the trilogy. The story has evolved organically, unfolding in surprising ways as the characters take on lives of their own. For the authors, a lot has changed since that New Year’s Eve; the first book has been published and they are currently represented by renowned literary agent Maria Enberg, of the Enberg Literary Agency. However, one thing remains the same; the initial thrill from that first telling still resonates deeply within the authors' creative imaginations.