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The Salt of Ancient Tears


A high-concept story of romantic adventure and suspense, The Salt of Ancient Tears addresses the growing awareness of #MeToo, spotlighting strong, independent female characters. The story focuses on Julia, a troubled woman who begins to take control of her life, successfully confronting a powerful and wealthy sociopath, and finally emerges as the woman she has longed to be.

The past: In the early 15th century the last Viking settlement on Greenland was subject to an inexplicable catastrophe. The entire population of several thousand souls simply vanished, leaving behind deserted homes and abandoned fields. One of history’s most intriguing mysteries, the fate of the Greenland Norse, has never been resolved... until now.

The present: Julia is a woman who cannot commit, Magnus is a man who cannot choose; two strangers going about their lives, alone, out of touch, and feeling out of place. Burdened by feelings they can’t understand, Julia and Magnus struggle to chase away shadowy memories that haunt their dreams. An archaic Viking symbol, the Jörmungandr, a serpent biting its tail, leads them both to enigmatic physician Leonard Koll.

Using an unorthodox combination of acupuncture and hypnosis—the ancient Tibetan Wind in the Blood—Leonard helps them to uncover a brutal past existence in Medieval Norse Greenland, setting them on a course to unravel the origins of their dark feelings. This cathartic experience ultimately proves to be fatefully linked to dramatic events in the present, as well as resolving the age-old mystery of Norse Greenland and the undying love between two star-crossed souls.